University First is a high-quality foundation and A level programme for international students established by outstanding British public colleges.

What is a Public College

Most education institutes in the UK are publically funded; even universities are partially supported by the UK government. Tertiary public colleges in the UK play an important role in the British education system. Such colleges are devoted to providing high quality education to pre-university students above 16 year of age, covering a wide range of education programmes both academic and vocational. They are highly regulated - both validated and regularly inspected by authoritative bodies such as British Council, English UK and OFSTED.



Public colleges in the UK mainly serve the education needs of local students, but some colleges also offer learning opportunities for a small number of high calibre international students. In such colleges, international students enjoy plenty of opportunities to study and live with British students in a supportive and friendly environment. Beijing immersed in a different culture, international students not only face a big challenge but also feel great personal achievement and confidence. Hence, students gain valuable learning experience in English and academic. This is a brilliant preparation for life in a UK university.



Public college is an important part of public education sector in the UK. Heavy investment has been put on public colleges by the UK government. Public colleges have no pressure on making profits to support its operation, but pressure on maintaining a high level of education quality. Public colleges of University First invest tens of millions pounds to improve teaching quality and facilities which takes up the majority of their government fund.

Public colleges enjoy decades of experience of delivering preparation course to international students, as one of the first educational organizations recruit from overseas. Central College Nottingham has been offering international foundation programme for more than 30 years. In 2002, the college was authorised to deliver foundation programme led by University of Nottingham. Compared with some foundation programmes recruit centrally from China, public colleges have a wider recruitment territory and better experience of international course delivery. Many universities in the UK also deliver their degree courses in public colleges. Radio Study, Creative Media and Media Products courses of degree courses of Bournemouth University are delivered at the Bournemouth and Poole College. Tutors of these courses also teach University First Foundation Programme in Media to our students. 


All University First public colleges are well-equipped and have highly educated and experienced teachers. They provide state of the art and modern facilities to all the students. The colleges are passionate to deliver high quality education. Tutors give personal support to students inside and outside of the classroom, from help with school homework, accommodation to university application.