University First is a high-quality foundation and A level programme for international students established by outstanding British public colleges.

UF Alumni

UF Alumni is an organisation for uniting UF graduates, to follow up graduates' study lives in their universities the their future career development.

Additionally, having been rewarded as leading members of UF Alumni, UF Student Ambassadors are a group of students who have achieved outstanding results and would like to represent UF Alumnus, to share their study experience, to organize activities for youngers students, to help build up a solid foundation for future development.

The Role of UF Ambassadors

UF Student Ambassadors may need to use spare time to:

1. Share your UF campus life and study experience in a positive and proactive manner with UF alumnus and their parents

2. Participate in various UF activities according to both UF annual schedule and your personal schedule

3. Project a positive image of UF students

The UF Alumni Rewards

Through participation in these activities, Student Ambassadors will have opportunities to develop a wide range of professional skills, including teamwork, leadership, communication, presentation and social skills, while strengthening the sense of belonging towards to University First.

You will also have opportunity to take internship in University First Asia & Pacific area Representative Office for your summer duration with a good reference from UF, while being able to write your experience being a UF ambassador in your PS and CV to impress.