• International Foundation

    Designed for international students, whose school leaving qualifications gained in their home country are not sufficient for direct entry to a British university.

    UOL Foundation

    The University of London Intenrational Foudnation Programme   has been designed to equip students with skills and knowledge necessary on a wide range of demading undergraduate degree.

    A Levels

    A Levels are each made up of four modules over two years.

    The first two modules in the first year make up AS Levels and in 2 further modules make up A2 Levels in the second year.


    Over 40% study time of subject lessons every week

    Over 15 hours of English language lessons

    Guaranteed admission to Foundation programme

    Pre-A Level

    Pre-A Level is a preparation course for A Levels studies

    Top 5 Pre-A Level courses in the public education sector

    Classed with home students to experience a local environment

    Certificate of HE

    Provided at South Essex College, accredited by the University of Essex. Students could keep studying the 2nd courses in the University of Essex upon successfully completing the 1st Year

            University First is a high-quality foundation and A level programme for international students established by outstanding British public colleges.